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SALEM - Collective Demise


The 4th full-album from the Israel's premier extreme metal band.
I dare to write "extreme metal" here, but it doesn't have the same meaning as it does today for there were no so-called "extreme metal"s in 1985 when this band was formed.
You can probably regard this word as 'Death Metal' here.
From this album a new drummer, Nir Nakav, joins the band as a successor of Amir Neubach.
This album is said to be the most aggressive release so far and indeed it IS.
Their music has not only enough heaviness and fastness along with aggressive vocals and blast beats to be called Death Metal, but also enough thrashy aggressiveness without mercy and tempo variation to be well compared to Kreator.
Having experienced many shows with acts like Megadeth, Entombed or Ancient Rites, Ze'ev (vo.), Lior (g.), Nir (g.), Michael (b.) and Nir (dr.) have showed off their 1st-class songwriting and performance and put everything they've got in this album, using various kinds of traditional (?) instruments and a female vocal for some parts effectively.
To use Kreator's word, their music is full of "extreme agression", but there is no sickness in it unlike some of so-called extreme metal bands around nowadays.
All songs are well-developed, well-deserved and well-done.
Blast beats are also used but they're not disturbing at all and it is placed in right time in the right place.
Before I know this band, my interest for Israeli death/thrash metal bands were quite small even though I love this genre, but Salem lit it up...
listen up you all Kreator lovers who don't know this band yet! Just go to the store and buy the CD right now!
12 Tracks / 48:30 Minutes
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Reviewed by Masa @ 21st Century Metal Net
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