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SALEM - Collective Demise


Rating: 7/10
Playing time: 48:30
Well, I have had this cd for 2 months now and put off reviewing it until I had a better feel for the whole album. At first I wasn't sure what I thought, but have came to the conclusion that I like it.
Salem hails from the land of Israel and there music reflects the many trials and troubles affecting this country.
I find it hard to give a genre description without leaving something out.
But If I had to, it would be somewhere in the death/thrash mixed at times with a melodic death feel about it as well.
I've heard others describe them as having some black metal in addition to the descriptions I gave.
Whatever ever you want to classify them as, there is no doubt this is a solid effort that's unique which really draws me too Salem.
Finding bands that have developed there own style is rare these days but they have done just that.
Salems music has a exotic feeling at times with many influences, mixing Middle Eastern melodies, and combining the elements of all these different styles thus creating a strange aura around their music.
The majority of the songs are mid paced with a few faster tracks like "Slave".
The guitars are heavy sounding as are the riffs which contributes to the album sounding so dark and aggressive.
They also incorporate a little synth here and there to make it even more interesting.
Although Salem's music isn't technical in the least, it has enough variation to keep the listener interested and maybe even surprised.
The vocals on this album are very rough for lack of a better word.
Maybe even brutal or raw further enhancing the dark feeling of the cd.
Salem also has a female vocalist as well, primarily doing some background vocals on a couple of songs such as "Coming End of Reason" and "Act of War" which happens to my favorite track.
The band uses some other odd effects and instruments to get there overall sound.
I read somewhere that they used Afro-Cuban percussion and a Arabic darbuka. Now I have no clue what these things are, but they obviously enhance the experience of the album.
The promo they sent me came with a additional cdrom which included 3 videos, "Broken Yet United", "Act of War" and "Al Taster".
The videos are obviously not high quality but still rock in my opinion.
I thought they were pretty cool.
Salem has been around quite some time and I am not familiar with the other stuff, but as far as this one is concerned, I recommend you give it a listen and form your own opinion.
Although nothing ground breaking its defiantly worth giving a chance.
You can visit Salems website at
Stand out tracks:
Broken yet united, Slave, Collective demise and Inhuman greed
review by Holydiver
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