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SALEM - Collective Demise


Hailing from the Middle East, Israel's Salem challenges everyone by using jagged metal edged outspoken politically fueled lyrics backed with some serious heavy music. The name of their newest album, Collective Demise, really speaks for itself. Mostly covering their views on war and terrorism, Collective Demise is a very intriguing and exciting album.

From the prophesized promise land, Salem conveys the unrest and constant daily turmoil through the use of speed induced thrash metal. Adhering to no structured genre restrictions, Collective Demise is the soundtrack for humankind's self-destruction. The intensity and passion emanating from Salem has long been lost from metal.

As far as music goes, Salem can easily run with the biggest of the thrash metal dogs. Relentless pounding drums beat their angered message of war and terrorism into your heart and soul. The guitars brutally tear down walls while the bass slinks over, under, and around like a stalking serpent.

And then there is Ze'ev. His vocal presence is very menacing. Filled with all the emotion of any hardcore vocalist, Ze'ev literally vomits his disgust for current events conveniently into the microphone. Contrasting Ze'ev's vocal emotional vacuum are some soft and serene clean female vocal pieces. Though not found in every song, they help to bring the seriousness of Salem's music to a new level. With all these parts together, Salem opens doors that need to be walked through by any and all fans of heavy metal.

If you are wise enough to obtain Collective Demise you will not be disappointed. Also found with the regular music CD is a bonus CD-ROM that features three professionally produced videos and a small yet respectable stills gallery. Luckily for you though, they have two of the videos available to view at their website.

Rating: 4/5: Salem exhibits sincerity and honesty all throughout Collective Demise. It's a moving piece of metal and warrants many replays.
Espudd - R