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SALEM - Collective Demise


Ever heard of Salem? Well 'Collective Demise' is the Israeli quintet's fourth, and most aggressive album to date. Their brand of black metal veers violently from one extreme to the other, taking in some very sensitive melodies, then turning them into savage blasts. Boil this in a pot with some Middle Eastern influences (I'm in close proximity to comparisons with Nile...purely due to the scales used) and very conscientious and relevant lyrics and the result is Salem.

Now signed to German label System Shock, there is a chance a few more people should get to hear about this band, and so they should. 12 tracks and not a dull one among them. Often slow and brooding, the dual guitar harmonies pull you into the mix of light and heavy riffs, and while they aren't exactly scared of speed, its sometime the slower songs that have the most punch. 'Act Of War', is a particular highlight amongst many good tracks.

By Dave MacLean
Last Labyrinth