Review & Interview

SALEM - Collective Demise


Produced By: Salem
Tracks: 1- Broken Yet united, 2- Coming End of Reason, 3- Slave, 4- Act of War, 5- Collective Demise, 6- Dead Eyes, 7- Feed on Your Grief, 8- Decadence in Solitude, 9- Recall, 10- Inhuman Greed
Cover Art by Nir Gutraiman
Recorded at D.B Studios

Directly from Israel comes to us the pmain black/death metal band from that eastern lands.
Here is Salem.Their music is amazing!! From extremely fast parts with almost blast beats (the sound is really good and the drums are perfectly mixed) to melodic intros with clean guitars and dual guitars that play melodies (with an eastern flavor in them like on "Collective Demise").
This guys are excellent musicians and they know how to play from the simplest riff to the most difficult one without hesitation.
There are female vocals that give some atmospheric feeling to the tracks while the rest of the band continues to play heavy riffs.
And this is one important part of Salemīs music....the mix of climatic parts or melodies with their heavier staff (as you can see through all this recording).
A must for lovers of extreme music
Favorite tracks: "Dead Eyes", "Recall" and "Act of War"
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