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SALEM - Collective Demise


My God, those are still active.
Hammer, h.tte I had not thought, particularly I already for a long time nothing more had not geh.rt from those.
Bur from Israel, where there is a small, but fine Metalgemeinde pc. Berne in the Metalbusiness already since 1995 around and times records were on Morbid.
Meanwhile they are with system Shock and a Deal in 2001 ber there 3 disks signed.
At that time fande I it even correctly cool, since they brought Abwehslung in this Buisness and brought a Song out ber the Holocaust on a German label, which ensured nevertheless completely in Israel sch.n f.r eddies.
Even a video gave to see it times on MTV and if I remember quite, the album Kaddish (1994) was considerable cool.
So, old recken are again that. After three demos (Salem 1986, Destruction till death 1987 and million slaugthered live 1990), 1 7"(Dying Embers 1194) and 3 disks (Creating our sins 1992, Kaddish 1994 and A moment OF silence 1998) they bring their fourth album now to the man.
One notices the differences however already. W.hrend I ever more is guessed/advised Salem to the Death/grind, became ever softer, which stands however for the F.higkeiten that volume well. Those control their instruments absolutely.
Is pleased on anti-Christian Death metal, which does not degenerate in Geballer, but absolutely durchdacht is and eastern Zwischenkl.ngen. Yes, there one h.rt out their origin. The guitars sound absolutely Swedish and between them became afro - Cuban Perkussion and a Darbuka to verb-guess/advise.
Together it results in a marvelous unit, how it gives to hardly still today.
Even on female Gesangsk.nste one did not do without and the alternating speed gives the remainder in addition.
I found it more fr.her more brutal somehow, but daf.r they are today fresher and more imaginative than ever before. A good entrance after 4 years break. If I understood it correctly, have her an old j.dische Hymne gecovert and with a Psalm text supported.
That will give probably again rger.
They k.nnen it do not leave and that are also well like that.

Mein Gott, sind die immer noch aktiv. Hammer, hätte ich nicht gedacht, zumal ich schon lange nichts mehr gehört hatte von denen.
Die Burschen aus Israel, wo es eine kleine, aber feine Metalgemeinde gibt stöbern im Metalbusiness schon seit 1995 herum und waren mal auf Morbid Records.
Mittlerweile sind sie bei System Shock und haben da einen Deal in 2001 über 3 Scheiben unterschrieben.
Damals fande ich sie sogar richtig cool, da sie Abwehslung in diesem Buisness brachten und einen Song über den Holocaust auf einem deutschen Label herausbrachten, was in Israel doch ganz schön für Wirbel sorgte.
Selbst ein Video gab es mal auf MTV zu sehen und wenn ich mich recht erinnere, war das Album Kaddish (1994 ) ziemlich cool.
So, die alten Recken sind wieder das.
Nach drei Demos ( Salem 1986, Destruction till death 1987 und Millions slaugthered live 1990 ), 1 7" ( Dying Embers 1194 ) und 3 Scheiben ( Creating our sins 1992, Kaddish 1994 und A Moment of silence 1998 ) bringen sie jetzt ihr viertes Album an den Mann.
Man merkt aber schon die Unterschiede.
Während ich immer mehr zum Death/grind geraten bin, sind Salem immer weicher geworden, was aber den Fähigkeiten der Band gut steht.
Die beherrschen ihre Instrumente absolut. Freut auf antichristlichen Death metal, der nicht in Geballer ausartet, aber absolut durchdacht ist und orientalischen Zwischenklängen einfügt.
Ja, da hört man ihre Herkunft heraus. Die Gitarren klingen absolut schwedisch und dazwischen wurden afro - kubanische Perkussion und eine Darbuka verbraten.
Zusammen ergibt es eine wunderbare Einheit, wie sie heute kaum noch zu hören gibt.
Selbst auf weibliche Gesangskünste wurde nicht verzichtet und die abwechselnde Geschwindigkeit gibt den Rest dazu. Irgendwie fand ich sie früher brutaler, aber dafür sind sie heute frischer und einfallsreicher als je zuvor.
Ein guter Einstieg nach 4 Jahren Pause. Wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, haben sie eine alt jüdische Hymne gecovert und mit einem Psalm textlich unterlegt. Das wird wahrscheinlich wieder Ärger geben.
Sie können es nicht lassen und das ist auch gut so.


Salem ( Zeev)
1) Please, tell us something about your band (history, members, recordings/ releases, livegigs, label? etc.).

Salem was formed in 1985 and we released 4 albums and a 7" picture LP: "Creating our sins" (December 1992), "Dying embers" (7" picture LP) (April 1994), "Kaddish" (December 1994), " A moment of silence" produced by Colin Richardson (October 1998) and Salem's new release: "Collective demise" (September 2002). Salem played with such known acts such as: Megadeth, Entombed, Rotting Christ, Cancer, Disharmonic Orchestra as well as headlining tours throughout israel. Salem was featured on MTV. europe several times and also on the german show: Viva. The line-up is: Ze'ev Tananboim - Vocals, Lior mizrachi - Guitar, Michael Goldstein - Bass, Nir Nakav - Drums and Nir Gutraimen who joined us recently - Guitar. "Collective demise" is the first Salem offering for KMG/ System Shock in Germany. Earlier this year Salem signed a 3-album contract with this well-established label.

2) How would you describe your position in the wide-world metal scene? What do you think about the underground movement?

We think that the scene is fine, I think there are a lot of good bands, and i'm sure that the best bands will be around for a long time. Salem allways got goog criticisms, I can't describe our posision in the wide-world metal scene at the present because we didn't released an album for 3 year, You can ask me that question again one year from now.

3) Which 3 CDs would you take with you to a lonely island?

I realy can't answer this question, the list is very long and i can't decide on 3 CD's only.

4) If you had enough money to shoot a video, how would the clip look like?

Salem new release "Collective demise" mostly deals with the affects of terror on our life. Salem has released 3 new video clips from "Collective demise", the first one shows the absurd of suicide terrorists on busses in Israel, the second deals with the pain of the people who lost their loved ones, and the third is dedicated to the Israeli Metal scene, to the audience and it shows the relationship between Salem and the fans.

5) If you`ve the chance to change one day of your life. Which will it be and why?

I wish i could change the day that the peace treatys with israel stoped and the terror began.

6) Which song shall be played on your burial?

When i'm dead i realy don't care what will be on my burial

7) If you had the chance to kill someone and to bring back one person in the same way, which would it be and why?

I would kill Ben-Laden and bring Izhak Rabin (Israeli prime minister that was murdered) back.

8) What means metal to you?

For me, Metal is a way of life.

9) What is your opinion on political lyrics?

In Salem lyrics we try not to burrow politics too much, I don't have any problems with political lyrics as long as it make sense

10) What can we expect from your band in the future?

A European tour, The release of album Number 5, and then we'll see. We want to remain active as long as we feel that we have something to say and that there's someone who's interested to hear it .Salem try to be as much original and come up with good material cause we work a lot on the songs to make them interesting and have no rush to write songs that will end up being crap in the end. We will continue as long as we have support from our fans in Israel and worldwide.
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